1963 Selmer Truvoice Zodiac Twin 30 Amplifier

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At A Glance:
Model: Truvoice Zodiac Twin 30
Year: 1963
Finish: Black and Croc-skin tolex
Modifications: None
Repairs: None

Technology: Valve
Watts: 30
Preamp Valves: ECC83
Power Valves: EL34
Channels: 2
Footswitch: Yes
Reverb: No
Tremolo: Yes

    The first arpeggiated chord of House of the Rising Sun and without knowing it, you're listening to a Selmer Zodiac. Playing second fiddle to Vox in the battle for amplifier supremacy in the 1960’s, Selmer were truly underrated and continue to be a well kept secret amongst amp freaks all over the world.  

    This amp is stunning but could do with a clean up. The tolex shows some signs of wear but is free of extensive tears and overall is in excellent shape. The last owner had owned the amp since the late 70’s and has been used quite a bit. The grill cloth shows signs of staining but this might be easy to clean. The top panel and knobs are in good condition. Speakers are AlNiCo and original, plus pretty desirable.

    Electrically everything is correct with no sign of any modification. All the features on the second channel work as does the tremolo which is engaged via the footswitch. Even the blinking 'magic eye' works like a treat which is not always the case!

    This is a great amp and criminally overlooked. Both channels yield a great tone and take pedals very well. The tremolo circuit is to die for. The amp is a little noisy when first fired up but soon calms down and is very usable rewarding the player with a tone to die for.

    Looking for something a bit different but with plenty of tone on tap? Look no further. Grab it before it wheels away… 

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