Chase Bliss CXM Vintage Studioverb

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    Its hard to deny just how cool the Chase Bliss pedals are... The CXM 1978 is a throwback to those Late 70's reverb sounds, providing instant access to those tones on your pedalboard and some very cool automated faders...

    Here's what Chase Bliss have to say:

    "1978 was a big moment for reverb. It was the dawn of sprawl, the first time reverbs were capable of massive trails and infinite decay. The CXM 1978 allows you to explore the charm of those late 70’s imperfections, or our hifi and lofi reimaginings.

    The reverb you’ll find here is highly interactive and physical, built from a moving, evolving network of digital reflections. Each space has its own behavior and response, just like true reverb. 32 Bit AD/DA, stereo I/O, and internally boosted +/-15V rails for line level input."

    There's so much scope in this pedal, we've barely touched the surface of what it can do, but to say its versatile would be one heck of an understatement!

    Other than the addition of some Velcro on the underside this pedal is in pretty much unused condition, so save yourself a chunk of change and grab some truly epic reverb...

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