1977 HiWatt DR103 Amplifier Head

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At A Glance:
Model: DR103
Year: 1977
Modifications: None
Repairs: None

Technology: Valve
Watts: 100
Preamp Valves: E83CC
Power Valves: EL34
Channels: 2

    A stunning HiWatt DR103 from 1977 anyone?

    From the garages and Maisonettes of Morden to stages all over the world, the Dave Reeves story echoes that of his contemporaries and the rise of the British amplifier in the 60s and 70’s. Seen on stages all over the world behind some of the leading players of the time, Hiwatt has become a name synonymous with quality and road-worthy standard.

    The condition of this head is quite remarkable. Aside from the wear along the bottom edge both front and back, there are no other major tears on the tolex. It still retains its glossy finish and has evidently been well cared for over the years. The faceplate is mark free with the piping having survived intact and free of any discolouration. Unfortunately the end plate for the handle is lost to time.

    Both correct Partridge transformers are still present and there is no sign that any additional work has been carried out on the amp internally. In fact, the inside of the chassis is very clean. 

    This amp has exquisite headroom and clarity with a warmth that is so uniquely British, quite a way from Marshall, but that is why you're here. Thankfully it runs relatively quietly and sounds great at any volume.

    These iconic amps have a well deserved reputation and only go to show why British amplifier manufacturers were so revered. Grab this one before it gets away.

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