1969 Fender Stratocaster Candy Apple Red RARE Left Handed + HSC

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At A Glance:
Model: Stratocaster
Year: 1969
Finish: Original Candy Apple Red
Modifications: Extra strap button hole on lower horn
Repairs: None
Weight (kg): 3.64

Case: Non original hard
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Neck wood: Maple
Body wood: Alder
Tuners: Original F type
Pickups: Original grey bottom dated early 1970
Hardware: Correct chrome
Neck Profile: medium C
Pots: Original dated 34 week 1969

    Here we have something we have been waiting over 10 years for... Do we need to tell you how rare left handed custom colour 60's Strats are?

    For sale is an ultra rare, left handed, original 1969 Fender Stratocaster in the custom colour Candy Apple Red finish. This guitar is a true collector's gem (especially if you are a leftie) and an incredible find for any left-handed player or vintage guitar enthusiast.

    The guitar is in excellent condition for its age, with a beautifully faded candy apple red to orange hue with some minor signs of wear and tear. However, this natural wear only adds to the guitar's vintage character and its unique charm.

    It is original translucent red over firmest gold (standard factory way of spraying candy apple red), over black and after three coats of factory paint it looks like Fender had to apply a fair few internal factory scrapes to get the electronics to fit. Added to this the extra hassle of manufacturing a leftie, I bet they were pleased to get this one out of the factory gates...

    The guitar features all of the classic 1969 Stratocaster specs, including a comfortable C-shaped neck, a smooth rosewood fingerboard, and three original single-coil pickups that deliver that classic Hendrix Stratocaster tone. The guitar also features original hardware, including the tremolo bridge, tuners, electrics, and pickguard. The only non original bits is the tremolo arm and an extra strap button hole on the lower horn.

    All original solder and not a single disturbed joint which for such a rare guitar as this is exactly what you want to see.

    We cannot tell you what this plays like as all of us here are righties but we gave this to a very good left handed player at the recent Birmingham Guitar Show and he informed us it was it was ace. He definitely had a grin on his face and we could hear it was a superb sounding Strat.

    As a left-handed model, this guitar is incredibly rare, and finding one in such excellent original condition is even more uncommon. The slightly faded candy apple red Custom Colour finish only adds to the rarity and desirability of this instrument.

    This is another one that won't last long...

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