1966 Fender Telecaster Clive Brown restoration + OHSC

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At A Glance:
Model: Telecaster
Year: 1966
Finish: Blonde Clive Brown refinish
Modifications: Refinish, wired for post '67 configuration
Repairs: Refret
Weight (kg): 3.30

Case: Correct black hardshell
Fingerboard: Maple
Neck wood: Maple
Body wood: Ash
Tuners: Correct Kluson Double Line
Pickups: 2 x Correct Black bottom
Hardware: Correct Chrome
Neck Profile: Medium C
Pots: 2 x Correct 1M CTS

    Leo Fender was continually tinkering with his designs, making adjustments and minor improvements all the time. As his guitars garnered increasing popularity he started noticing that the lacquered fretboards of the one piece maple necks tended to look shabby with continual playing, in particular on the television. So, in 1959, rosewood fretboards were introduced, initially as a slab that was radiused and then as a veneer although maple cap necks were still (unofficially) available as an option.

    What we have here is a first rate example of Leo’s vision. Restored to its original blonde by eminent guitar builder and master of the relicing arts Clive Brown, this guitar really looks the part. The checking is so distinctively Clive’s, with his high level of attention to detail. He always manages to nail the shades. 

    The maple capped neck has definitely seen some action. The back is worn smooth, making for a very comfortable playing experience. The fretboard has been sanded and refretted, both of which have been done sympathetically. The decal is almost completely gone. 

    The pick guard is in good shape with no real sign of any shrinkage. The chrome plating on the hardware still holds its sheen with no sign of coming away. The neck has had a refret with slightly larger frets and a new nut. The decal is still there but a lot of it has been worn away (see pics).

    The electronics are correct though the solder joints have inevitably been disturbed. 

    The guitar comes with its correct black Tolex hardshell case.

    This guitar certainly defines twang. The combination of ash and maple in the construction married to the mid-60’s pickups makes for a bright and responsive combination. The neck pickup has a grunt to it that's quite often lacking. The bridge pickup lifts us into twang-heaven with all the bite without getting too brittle. There is no way this guitar wouldn’t cut effortlessly through a mix.

    We love these mid-60s white guard Teles and this one's a killer with looks to match. If you're in the market then this is a must have… 

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