1962 Slab board Fender Stratocaster + OHSC (Selmer)

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At A Glance:
Model: Stratocaster
Year: 1962
Finish: Sunburst (oversprayed)
Modifications: Overspray, see text.
Repairs: Solder re-heated
Weight (kg): 3.46

Case: Original Selmer
Fingerboard: Rosewood Slab
Neck wood: Maple
Body wood: Alder
Tuners: Correct Kluson single line
Pickups: Correct single coil black bottom
Hardware: Correct Chrome
Neck Profile: Medium C
Pots: Correct dated 1962

    Original 1962 Fender slab board Stratocaster. Why is it so 'cheap?' So here is the low down, do please read on as you will probably end up with a bargain... 

    Body is original sunburst finish, pencil dated 8/62 in the trem cavity. It appears a very long time ago someone touched up the edges, which always seem to wear first, by a  flash of black. Traces of the overspray are evident on the main sunburst as can be seen in the photos. This was done ages ago as the whole guitar now backlights as an original finish and you cannot see any trace of overspray by black lighting it.


    The body was then clear coated and this has checked quite nicely over time. I guess you could remove the clearcoat if you wish but it looks very cool and original as it is. Body has all nail holes clear of paint and all correct routes etc. There is one extra small screw hole where a different pickguard must have been mounted at one time.


    Original neck dated June 1962, with nice, thick, original slab fingerboard. Back of neck has with been heavily worn almost down to bare wood in places and it is very smooth to feel. The 'original counter body' decal has been replaced. 

    It has been refretted and the frets on there now are ever so slightly larger then original, but it is a very decent job and guitar plays extremely well. Original single line tuners, string tree etc.


    3 x original and totally classic sounding pre-CBS black bottom pickups with original windings that sound totally killer in all positions. Pots are dated week 34 of 1962 and volume pot has evidence of a previous ground wire connection. All plastic is correct and in great condition. Bridge is original as are saddles, trem arm may not be. Some screws and the pickup mounts have been changed.


    All in all a great sounding pre-CBS slab board Strat with original finish, albeit oversprayed, that is priced not much more than a total refin. Comes with nice, original Selmer Strat hard case. Very cool...

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