1962 Fender Jazz Bass Fiesta Red + OHSC

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At A Glance:
Model: Jazz Bass
Year: 1962
Finish: Original Fiesta Red
Modifications: None
Repairs: None
Weight (kg): 4.2

Case: Original Brown Tolex
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuners: Original Kluson reverse gear
Pickups: Original single coil
Hardware: Original nickel
Neck Profile: medium C
Pots: Original 1962

    We love custom colours here at ATB Guitars, and together with a slab board rosewood neck and in this condition, this particular 1962 Fender Jazz Bass in Fiesta Red is definitely worth getting excited about

    An iconic feature of stages all over the world, the Fender Jazz Bass represents Leo’s striving for more of an upright bass sound. The single coil pickups and string mutes were an attempt to get an rounder sound with a little more control over the sustain of the notes. One of the many noteworthy features of this bass is how well preserved the felt mutes are as many have not survived, either perishing or being removed all together as musical tastes and styles change.

    The finish on this bass is incredibly vivid, bearing a few scars but still retaining that factory glow and striking look. The neck too is fantastic, being from the beginning of 1962 and as such, featuring a slab-board fingerboard before these were changed to veneer boards in August of the same year. The finish has worn into the wood wonderfully and the fingerboard itself is in great shape. The celluloid pickguard too has escaped the ravages of time, with very little shrinkage and minimal discolouration. The pair of covers over the bridge and neck pickup still shine fearlessly adding to the visual appeal of this first-rate bass.

    Neck date of February 1962 and pot dates of late 1961 make this a rare early one, before the curved board and before the matching headstock was introduced. All totally original factory solder and not a single thing changed since it left Fullerton in mid 1962, including those rare to see, original string mutes plus the original brown tolex case in great shape make this an all-round unmissable package and probably one of THE very best basses we have ever had here…

    This amazing bass was also featured in a UK guitar magazine article in Guitarist Magazine 2003, a picture of article will be supplied with the sale which includes details of the original owner etc.

    Tonally this bass really delivers. Its currently fitted with flat wound strings so your options range from smooth jazzy tone though to John Paul Jones and in all honesty anywhere in-between. The three knob layout introduced the a few months before this bass left the factory yield all manner of tonal combinations. They are revered for a reason!

    This bass will probably not be with us for long. Stunning looks and tone to match, its a winning package!

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