1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard 'Dirty Burst' + OHSC

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At A Glance:
Model: Les Paul Standard
Year: 1960
Finish: Original Sunburst
Modifications: See text
Repairs: None aside from some wiring
Weight (kg): 4.54

Case: Correct Cali Girl
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuners: Original Kluson single line
Pickups: Original PAF's (possible rewind)
Hardware: Correct nickel
Neck Profile: Classic 59
Pots: 4 x Centralab 500k dated 34th week of 1958

    Here is 'Burst' number 0 0252, previously undiscovered until a phone call from a local teacher changed everything...

    Description of guitar is exactly how we received it and at the request of the new owner, exactly as it was sold to him. 

    Number 252 was bought in 1967, according to its owner, for £50 after seeing Eric Clapton play one at the Marquee in London. It was then played heavily right up to the late 70’s after which it was put in a closet and has not seen the light of day until now. There is a lot more to this amazing story but if you want to know more we have done a whole YouTube video which will appear on our channel just as soon as we finish editing it!

    It is in awful condition. It is covered in dirt, grime and other stuff. The fingerboard has dried out so much that in places it barely looks like rosewood any more. It has an added Bigsby and the arm has been lost, the pickups have been out and spliced back in, they have probably been rewound as there is cheap plastic lead out wire fitted and at the moment they are not reading right but this may be due to the dirty pots. We will not find out for sure until they are de-soldered.

    It has been refretted but thankfully and unusually, the refret has been done with small frets which has not damaged the fingerboard. So often we see these re-fretted with 'railway sleepers' that leave marks on the fingerboard when proper size frets are put back in.

    The bridge posts have snapped clean off and will be a challenge to remove them neatly but it can be done. The ABR-1 bridge at the moment is resting on gaffa tape and loose washers so it probably sounds crap but we don't know as we haven't even plugged it in or tuned it up as the tuners are pretty much shot.

    The ABR-1 no wire bridge is so choked up with gunk and dirt that the saddles are seized up and stuck in there - you don't have to worry about saddles dropping out on this bridge and you won't need a wire (until its cleaned of course).

    Other things to note is the switch tip has been replaced, there are two extra screw holes by the bridge, the pickguard has a big slide switch mounted in the middle of it, a lot of the screws have been replaced and the D string is a bronze wound acoustic - this is exactly how it was presented to us.

    The good news is it is all original, faded finish with no touch ups or overspray anywhere and there are no breaks or repairs. It includes a Cali Girl case which if you watch the YouTube video has an interesting story in itself.

    It also has a cool set of double white and zebra PAF's and all the plastics (with the exception of the switch tip) are original including those rings.

    So... they are out there. But I do not think this will be an every day occurrence finding one like this. Yes, sure it needs a bit of work to say the least but when this work has been done, we have the feeling it will turn out to be quite a killer Burst and has already attracted a lot of attention and interest..

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