1956 Gibson Les Paul Junior TV Yellow refin + HSC

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At A Glance:
Model: Les Paul TV Junior
Year: 1956
Finish: TV Yellow
Modifications: None
Repairs: Total refinish apart from headstock face, some changed parts
Weight (kg): 3.63

Case: hardshell case
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuners: Reproduction Kluson Single Line
Pickups: 1 x Correct P90
Hardware: Mojoaxe tailpiece
Neck Profile: Medium C
Pots: 2 x Correct 500k Centrelab

    Refinished 1956 Gibson Les Paul TV Junior anyone?

    There are a few myths as to the origin of the moniker ‘TV Yellow’. Some say that it originates through the association with television cabinet finishes which were often done in limed mahogany (the finish listed in the Gibson Catalogue). Another idea most often quoted is that the finish looked better when broadcast (a suggestion put forward by Les Paul himself) as white caused issues with early television cameras. 

    A more controversial one is that the TV stands for ‘Telecaster Version’, a name given to the finish by Gibson executives who thought the combination of a blonde finish and black pickguard would confuse new customers into buying the Les Paul Juniors over their rival Fender’s Telecaster. Whatever the answer, its certain that this is one of Gibson’s most distinctive finishes, one which went through many changes over the years. 

    This guitar has been refinished with the colour having been matched very well. Thankfully the headstock face has been left untouched so retaining the original decal proving this guitar has always been a TV model. There is also evidence of the original colour in the cavities. You'll also notice that unfortunately the original serial has been lost though the numbers have been re-stamped. 

    The fretboard is in good shape, showing some signs of wear. A refret gives this guitar a new lease of life. The nut is correct but has been shimmed. 

    The plastics are in good shape though the jack plate has been replaced. This is also the case with the bridge which is currently a MojoAxe example and the tuners which are good reproductions.

    Electrically everything looks correct though some solder joints have been reheated

     The guitar comes with hardshell case

    As with many Juniors from this period, a guitar like this makes you question the need for more in your life. A resonant un-plugged sound yields a wide tonal palette when paired with a suitably dimed amp, anything from subtly delicate to all out wall of sound without the shrillness that your minds ear is expecting. 

    A classic Gibson colour with tone to match is certainly a no-brainer. Grab it before it’s gone.

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