1960 Fender Princeton 5F2

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At A Glance:
Model: 5F2 Princeton
Year: 1960
Finish: Tweed
Modifications: Output transformer and speaker changed
Repairs: Some capacitors changed, power lead changed.

Technology: Valve
Watts: 4
Preamp Valves: 12AX7
Power Valves: 6V6
Channels: 1

    1960 Fender Princeton 5F2

    There from the beginning, the Princeton has always adopted the ‘one up from student’ position but held a place in the cannon as one of Fender’s most versatile amps.

    Isn’t this how you want your tweed amp to look? Though the covering has been worn there aren't any tears. The handle is a replacement. The control panel shows some corrosion but the decals are still visible. The jewel has been replaced.    

    The amp comes with its correct speaker which has been repaired in place with tissue paper and glue. These were not repairs to tears but simple places where wear was visible to the cone. The current speaker is Jensen. Internally there have been a few repairs to keep the amp working correctly and safely though thankfully these have been kept to a minimum. The output transformer has been replaced for a black face era one, a modification often carried out to give the amp a little more headroom. The power cable has also been replaced.

    As you’d hope, this amp sounds totally fantastic. All the grit and character you’d want with plenty of volume to cope with a modest drummer (if such a thing exists..). Its always surprising how such a simple circuit can yield so many tones and work so well at various volume levels. This is an amp that has to be played to be believed. 

    These don’t come up for sale very often so grab it before it slips away…

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