Fender Blues Junior Rat Modded

Fender Blues Junior Rat Modded

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Here we have for you a Fender Blues Junior thats been totally overhauled by RAT to be in essence a deluxe. Below is a detailed explanation of the changes that have been carried out. The previous owner has also fitted a Cannabis Rex speaker.

The tweed has been scuffed in some places but it hasn’t been damaged and shows signs of being very well cared for. A great looking and sounding amp.

Details of changes made…

    • The Stock Fender Main PCB has been removed from the Amp and replaced with a RAT Custom Built ‘Eyelet’ Board and Valve Board which is then fully ‘Point-to-Point’ Handwired into place using all New ‘Alpha’ Pots and Switches. All of the ‘Tone’ Capacitors on the RAT Board are ‘Orange Drops’, along with ‘Metal Film’ Power Resistors.
    • Smoothing Capacity has been increased for ‘Tighter Bass’ -and- A ‘Safety’ Resistor fitted so that the Amp can not hold a Lethal Charge when switched off.
    • The Stock FBJ uses a ‘Solid State’ Reverb Drive and Recovery System. This has been replaced with ‘Valve Reverb’. The Reverb Tank has also been replaced with an ‘Accutronics’ unit. About 30% of the Components on the Fender PCB are used in the ‘Solid State’ Reverb Circuit - All of this is now Gone.
    • All Stock Blues Junior Amps run a ‘Hot’ Bias setting with NO Bias adjustment control. This makes the Amp sound Harsh and also causes other problems when changing the Power Valves. The RAT Eyelet Board has a ‘Bias’ adjustment control. This will increase the 2x Power Valves life and makes the Amp sound better.
    • Full Lead Dress - All Transformer and Heater wires in a Valve Amp must be tightly twisted or they will induce ‘Noise’ in the Amp Circuit. Twisting all of the wires and placing them in the correct location keeps the Amp ‘Quiet’.
    • Variable Boost Footswitch - Connects to the Inner Rear Chassis Panel - (Button 1) Switches the Internal Boost Circuit On-or-Off. The Footswitch is fitted with a Variable Boost ‘Level’ control (from Zero-to-Max) and gives a HUGE Boost to the MID Frequencies and Harmonics. (Button 2) is Reverb On/Off. There are RED ‘LED’ Indicators on the Footswitch powered by an internal Battery.
    • The Input Jack Socket on all Stock Blues Juniors is a Problem. This has been replaced with a Jack Socket that can be easily changed in about 5 minutes (if you ever need to change it).
    • Modified Tone Stack - The Factory Tone-Stack does not allow total tone control, The Controls sweep in a ‘Preset-Range’. The RAT Modified Treble, Middle and Bass Controls will sweep from ‘Zero-to-Max’ on each Frequency.
    • Star Earth - The Stock Earth/Ground Paths on the PCB are a Mess and run all over the place in different directions. With the removal of the PCB this problem has been eliminated and the Correct ‘Star’ Earth (method) used. This allows all required Earth Paths to be in a logical order and kept as short as possible to eliminate any Noise ‘Loops’. There is NO Background Noise from this Amp.
    • 2x Speaker Output Sockets - The Correct Speaker Output Load Impedance is 8 Ohms. If required, the Amp will happily run 4 -or- 16 Ohm Loads. This will not Damage the Amp.
    • Half-Power Switch - Reduces the Amps Output Power to about 8 Watts.

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At a glance

Model: Blues Junior
Finish: Tweed

Modifications: Many, see listing

Technology: tube




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