Beetronics Buzzter - Brand New - Free Shipping

Beetronics Buzzter - Brand New - Free Shipping

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Boost/Preamp pedal

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What we think….

For those of you looking for a more organic drive tone, a boost pedal is a must. The BUZZTER from Beetronics gives you access to two, letting you set 3 stages of gain (Clean and then two from the pedal). Not only that but the pedal acts as an enhancer, working in the upper mids and high frequencies to give your tone a lift that you’ll miss when you turn it off. Coupled with Beetronics’ eye catching design and simple control layout this is a very intuitive pedal with a lot of potential.

A word from the manufacturer….

Set your stage levels. The Buzzter is a boost/preamp with two output presets. For those times when you need more than just one step up, this pedal allows you to set 3 different stages levels, having your clean tone and two steps up from that.

Enhance your tone. The Buzzter carries a ton of headroom and works great as an always on type of boost, or to push pedals and amps. It adds a little chime to your tone making it a great tone enhancer. The Buzzter will allow you to cut through the mix, twice. It’s a great option for when you wanna boost that sweet riff and still have one step up for a solo

Honey power! HONEY dials the boost level, while NECTAR and POLLEN are your output presets to tame the power of the honey. You can also use the presets to attenuate your original tone.

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Model: Buzzter
Year: 2020




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