1990s Gretsch White Falcon ex- Foo Fighters Monkey Wrench video!! + OHSC!

1990s Gretsch White Falcon ex- Foo Fighters Monkey Wrench video!! + OHSC!

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He may never be your Monkey Wrench but this surely could be.....

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Don’t forget to check out our video presentation of this guitar plus sound demos in the video tab!

It’s true to say that we get excited about most of the instruments that come through the doors of ATB Guitars. Sometimes though, a guitars comes in that truly excites us all, with quite an amazing back story…

So, whats the story? Well, from what we can tell it was bought by Pat Smear, formerly of The Germs, Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, in the mid-90s. Exacts dates seem very vague but the guitar does appear in the video for Monkey Wrench from the Foo Fighters’ 1997 album The Colour and the Shape and was also played on the album. It was also used by the band Harlow on their 2001 album Harlowland. The guitar was modified and later sold by Earnie Bailey who was Pat’s guitar tech from his days with Nirvana.

The guitar its self is in very good condition. As you’d expect the lacquer has faded a little which has given the guitar quite a pleasant cream hue. There isn’t much in the way of wear due to the polymer lacquer being hardwearing. The binding is in fantastic condition, the large gold flecks really sets off the white. The neck too is in good shape, free of wear. The double bound Ebony fretboard looks great.

The guitar has been modified over time. Originally the guitar was fitted with a Bigsby tailpiece which was replaced with a 50’s Gretsch Cadillac tailpiece. The bridge has also been stuck down to the body. The pickups could have been potted. The wiring has been modified with the selector switch being removed completely and a two way rotary switch replacing the master volume control. As far as we can tell no other wiring has been altered. The guitar was also stuffed with pillow wadding reputedly from hotel room pillows to reduce feedback.

The guitar comes with its correct Gretsch hardshell case which contains the polaroids, certificate of authencity signed by Pat Smear and some print outs from the Ebay listing that was used to sell the guitar.

If you choose to play a white guitar it really needs to sound good. This white guitar sounds good, possibly too good. As you can hear in the video this guitar nails that sound from the Colour and the Shape (unsurprisingly) and shows off its prowess as rhythm guitar par-excellence. Even clean, this guitar produces a rock solid tone. The two way switch means you cannot blend the two pickups together but at no point do you really miss this. Every time we pick this guitar up it never fails to put a smile on our faces.

Check out our video of this guitar, featuring its history and some rather cool playing by Jimmy D Thorn.

A true piece of rock history and surely must have for any Foo Fighters fans or in fact anyone looking for a seriously good Gretsch.

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At a glance

Model: White Falcon
Year: 1994
Finish: White

Modifications: Some wiring changes, 50s Gretsch Tailpiece added, body stuffed with foam to reduce feedback
Weight: 4.21 Kg

Case: Correct Gretsch hardshell case
Fingerboard: Ebony
Tuners: Correct Gold Gretsch tuners

Pickups: 2 High Sensitivity Filtertron Pickups
Hardware: Correct Gold
Neck Profile: Medium C
Pots: 3 x Correct CTS




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