1980 MusicMan Stingray Bass + OHSC MINT!

1980 MusicMan Stingray Bass + OHSC MINT!

MusicMan |  1980Stingray

If you are into your MusicMan basses then this should get your jaw hitting the floor... A totally MINT, time warp, collectors condition bass with the most stunning natural body you have ever seen. What's more it comes with correct case and original user manual too...

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Wow… This is the one word summary that surely and unequivocally describes this amazing bass instrument the moment you open the case lid.

We are privileged to be able to offer to you what we think is probably the finest example of a Leo Fender, pre-Ernie Ball, MusicMan Stingray bass on the planet.

Given to us to sell by a long time friend of ATB Guitars, a superb musician and MusicMan fanatic, this is the bass he searched for years to find. There is not a single blemish on it anywhere. The chrome hardware gleams like new, there is zero checking, the finish has not faded and is still the same vibrant, light shade of natural it was the day it left the factory. In fact if you were to receive this instrument described as a ‘brand new’ item, you would probably not blink an eyelid. The fact that this amazing bass is now 38 years old begs the question - where on earth did he find a time machine…?

Just have a look at the pictures in our gallery and hopefully, you will see what I am referring to although I do think it looks even better in real life. It comes with the original owners manual in good condition (not mint) and the correct ABS black plastic case which I believe in itself is fairly hard to find. The case does have some handling and storage marks on the outside however the inside, just like the bass itself, it is pretty much perfect.

Some stats for you - obviously 100% original in every way, not a soldier joint touched. It has the original epoxy deleted circuitry (which is a relief) Body date is 9 October 1980, neck date is 15th September 1980 and all pots are dated 1979.

It plays beautifully, is set up to perfection and sounds as good as any vintage MusicMan out there. Make no mistake, if you like the MusicMan looks and bass sound - and how could you not - this will not disappoint in any department at all.

Why is it for sale? Well the owner has amassed a fair collection of MusicMan basses of different vintages but all pre EB. He regularly gigs and plays them but due to it’s condition, this is the one bass he cannot take out so after owning it for many years and enjoying looking at it once in a while, he made the decision to stick with his collection of instruments he can take out gigging and offer this one for sale to a collector or player who can hopefully get a bit more enjoyment from it.

Finally an observation… I have seen a fair few late 70’s Fenders and there is NO comparison whatsoever with the way this MusicMan is put together. Everything on this bass is made to a super high standard and compared to most CBS Fender instruments of the same era, it all fits together perfectly. I believe this era MusicMan represents the true legacy of Leo Fender’s skills rather that the sometimes sloppy instruments CBS Fender were churning out at that time.

This is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity here - if a cleaner, pre Ernie Ball Stingray exists, I will be eating my socks..

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At a glance

Model: Stingray
Year: 1980
Finish: Natural

Modifications: None
Repairs: None
Weight: 4.0 Kg

Case: Correct ABS Black Plastic
Fingerboard: Maple
Tuners: Original

Pickups: Original
Hardware: All original chrome
Neck Profile: Round C
Pots: Original




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