1974 Gibson SG Standard + OHSC

1974 Gibson SG Standard + OHSC

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These relatively short lived versions of the SG Standard with the ebony fingerboard are actually rather good, under-rated guitars. This bargain priced example will be a nice entry point for someone...

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What’s this, a 1974 Gibson SG Standard?

As the 70’s set in and the big two settled into their respective periods of corporate ownership, it could be said that the mythology of these great instruments was slowly eroded in leu of numbers and profit margins. Throughout the decade, the SG started to loose some of its sleek design features to ease production. But even the darkest of times there are chinks of light, and as with some examples from Fullerton. there are plenty of Gibsons that will surprise you and these short lived incarnations of the SG Standard with the ebony fingerboard (1973 and 1974 only) are one such example.

Overall this guitar is in fine condition. The cherry finish has faded quite substantially, to the point that the previous owner assumed it was a Walnut finish until he went to change the strings. The body shows the odd minor knock but the finish retains that gloss sheen. You will notice the plugged hole near the selector switch which was evidently the location of a coil tap or phase switch at some stage.

The three piece neck too retains that sheen with only the odd minor knock. There is no evidence of breaks. The fretboard has been refretted and they’re both the frets and the fretboard, being hard ebony, are in excellent condition. The heel shows no signs of damage and there are no structural issues, or neck or body cracks anywhere!

The hardware is in good condition with only a little wear to the saddles as is expected. The plastics too are in good condition,

The correct ‘Tar back’ humbuckers are present though the output cable of the bridge pickup as been repaired at some stage. Elsewhere the electrics seem to have been left undisturbed, the pots reading week 21 of 1974.

Not a touchstone when it comes to vintage Gibson tone but the pickups are wonderful responsive, yielding the mix of smooth and bite that you look for in an SG. The neck is comfortable with the new fresh giving it that reassuring feel of a new guitar.

A rarity here at ATB Guitars, this guitar could be your gateway into the vintage market that you wouldn’t mind taking out to a gig and goes someway to showing that not all Norlin era Gibsons are to be avoided.

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At a glance

Model: SG Standard
Year: 1974
Finish: Cherry

Repairs: Old switch hole filled
Weight: 3.14 Kg

Case: Correct Black tolex red lining Hard case
Fingerboard: Ebony
Tuners: Correct Gibson Tuners

Pickups: 2 x Correct 'Tar back' Humbuckers
Hardware: Correct Chorme
Neck Profile: Medium C
Pots: 4 x Correct 500K CTS




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