1974 20th Anniversary Gibson Les Paul Custom + OHSC Nr MINT

1974 20th Anniversary Gibson Les Paul Custom + OHSC Nr MINT

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You do not that often see these in tobacco sunburst, most are cherry sunburst or black. You also do not that often see them this clean and with original, purple lined case...

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Beautiful, unfaded and near MINT 20th Anniversary Gibson Les Paul Custom in relatively rare tobacco sunburst and in gleaming condition with all original frets that are in excellent shape and correct PAT number, sticker pickups.

These are some of the last 3 piece mahogany neck Les Paul Customs before they switched to maple necks a year later. The finish is in exceptional condition and gleams almost like new. There are a few small dings here and there and it looks like the owner wanted to keep it looking as new and decided to replace a few of the parts that usually wear.

The bridge is a more recent ABR-1 and I think the knobs, although they look correct must have been replaced as they just look too clean. The other parts look correct but are on the whole, exceptionally clean including the case which is the correct black tolex with purple lining.

One thing is sure, the guitar has hardly been played at all which is a real shame as even though it is a Norlin era guitar, it plays brilliantly with a nice fast action on it’s all original, low profile frets that have hardly any wear at all. Someone decided to replace the nut with a brass one which was a common mod back in the 70’s 80’s.

Even the 20th Anniversary legend on the 15th fret is immaculate and totally un faded or worn, which is something you hardly ever see. Correct Kluson waffle back tuner are fitted but it looks like someone decided for some reason to take off the large washer you sometimes get during this period and you can just about see the remains of where this was if you look closely.

It actually sounds killer! Very strong, raunchy and powerful with a nice amount of snappy bite to cut across the mix. Through a Marshall type amp, it is un beatable and a very nice surprise…

A real nice guitar from a period in Gibson’s history where you could not say that about every guitar that came out the factory.. We wouldn’t had bought this if it wasn’t one of the good ones and this one surely is.

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At a glance

Model: Les Paul Custom
Year: 1974
Finish: Tobacco Sunburst

Modifications: Replaced bridge, knobs, brass nut
Repairs: None
Weight: 4.5 Kg

Case: Correct black purple lining
Fingerboard: Ebony
Tuners: Correct Gold waffle back

Pickups: Correct Pat Number humbuckers
Hardware: Gold plated
Neck Profile: Medium C
Pots: Correct CTS 500K



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