1966 Fender Stratocaster + OHSC

1966 Fender Stratocaster + OHSC

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Stunning condition 1966 transitional Fender Strat and what a great player too...

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Stunning 1966 Fender Stratocaster anyone?

As with many historic events, the transition of the Fender brand over to CBS was not like flipping a switch and even though the pre-CBS instruments are held in high regard, post 1965 instruments still hold a lot of that Leo Fender magic. Here is a case in point, 1966 Fender with larger headstock and transitional logo with a lot going for it.

We often see and seek out guitars here at ATB that defy all expectations and this one is no exception. The finish is stunning and has kept that deep nitro gloss that really accentuates the colours within the sunburst. The few very small dinks along the edge of the instrument are the only signs that this guitar has very been out of the case. The neck too has retained its high gloss finish and the headstock has only a few very minor knocks. The frets show a little sign of use but not very much and the rosewood ‘board’ is first rate.

The plastics as you’d expect have faded a little but there is not too much wear. The electronics are all correct, the pickups are dated August 1966 which matches the pot dates, week 10 1966. Serial number is 1966 and everything matches up perfectly. Most of the solder joints look untouched apart form around the volume pot which looks to be some reflowing of the solder.

The guitar comes with its correct Black Tolex case which like the guitar is in mighty fine condition.

Many of those classic Strat tones live in these mid-60’s guitars and the grey bottom pickups. These guitars really deliver a fantastic tone that hasn’t yet drifted too far towards the thinner end of the spectrum and still retains some of the fullness of the earlier incarnation Fender singe coils.

Its getting increasingly harder to find instrument in this condition so when we do find one its always a joy. You get to glimpse how the instrument should have looked when it was first hanging in a shop window. We do not think this is going to last long so don’t rabbit just grabbit before it gets away..!

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At a glance

Model: Stratocaster
Year: 1966
Finish: Sunburst

Modifications: None
Repairs: None
Weight: 3.43 Kg

Case: Correct Black Fender case with orange lining
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuners: Correct Kluson Double Line tuners

Pickups: 3 x Correct Grey Bottom pickups
Hardware: Correct Chrome
Neck Profile: Medium C
Pots: 3 x Correct 250k CTS




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