1965 Fender Jazz Bass Factory Black + OHSC

1965 Fender Jazz Bass Factory Black + OHSC

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This is a rare bass. First black custom colour pre-CBS Jazz bass we have seen here... It's a nice light weight one too.

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Another jaw dropping, eye popping rare, and cool Custom Colour Jazz bass. This time a super rare Fender Jazz Bass in factory black with matching refin headstock. The condition of this bass is very nice. Black is another super rare custom colour and this is one of the few examples we have seen to date.

The body is all original finish as is the neck, the face of the headstock only has been refinished. We have had a few painted headstock Fenders (not just Jazz basses) from 1965 which have flaked pretty badly and we think Fender may have been having a bit of a problem with the paint on their matching headstocks at that time which is probably the reason this was done.

This is a very early 1965 Jazz Bass which still has 1964 features such as the green nitrate guard, no neck binding and L serial number. It also of course has the reverse Kluson tuners pre dating the lollipop variety.

Original frets and very little fret and fingerboard wear on the really dark rosewood fingerboard. It is a very nice looking bass and really does pop out at you as soon as you open the case…

Electrics are original, black bottom pickups and pots date to 10th week of 1965. Both pickups work really well and you can get the widest variety of tones from a combination of one, or both. Guitar comes in it’s correct, no logo black tolex case which is exactly what it should be for early 1965.

One weird thing, there are two extra holes in the pickguard just above the screw holes for the cover. They look as if they have been done on an overhead jig and are totally clean, nothing has ever been screwed in there, no marks, nothing and they are exact distance the same as the correct cover screws. It is almost like the screw holes for the cover were drilled in the wrong place then someone realised the mistake and then drilled them in the correct place! These are of course hidden by the cover when in place.

Truly a killer bass in a very rare custom colour, surely a must have for any collection. Get yours while you can as you won’t see another…

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At a glance

Model: Jazz Bass
Year: 1965
Finish: Original Black

Modifications: Refin on headstock face only
Repairs: None
Weight: 4.32 Kg

Case: Correct black tolex no logo
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuners: Correct Kluson reverse

Pickups: Correct black bottom single coil
Hardware: correct chrome
Neck Profile: Slim C
Pots: Correct CTS dated 10th week of 1965




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