1961 Gibson Les Paul SG + Horseshoe Bigsby

1961 Gibson Les Paul SG + Horseshoe Bigsby

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Priced for both the player, or the parts monkey. This bargain priced, early Les Paul SG is full of hidden gems...!

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Early Gibson Les Paul SG which has had a few mods over the years BUT is still full of the occasional treasure and is priced to sell…

This one started life out like most, as a Standard with the sideways pull vibrato. It appears sometime, quite some time ago, one of it’s owners decided to ‘Mick Taylor’ it and very neatly and in the correct place, installed an old horseshoe Bigsby. Maybe at that time or maybe a bit later, it was refinished, or at the very least over sprayed with dark cherry stain and now has the same shade of cherry as these were when they were brand new back in the early 60’s

You have to look very closely to see the old vibrato holes on the bottom of the guitar. It is very difficult to see them unless you have the right light and look through a magnifying glass.

Other issues, before I get to the cool stuff is - replaced tuners, replaced switch poker ring and replaced strap buttons, jack socket crack repair. That’s about it!

Now for the pretty good stuff… NO signs of any structural neck or headstock repairs, correct PAF’s yes, although these have obviously been out then back in the guitar they are early 60’s PAF’s with both stickers intact and more than likely original to this guitar. Bridge PAF has had it’s cover off/on and is very tight in the harness so it may have been cut too short when it was taken out but is presently not routed very well inside the cavity and I am sure if it was re-soldered it would not be so tight. Correct for 1961, no wire ABR-1 bridge (just like you see on a Burst) and all the other hardware, knobs, pots, switch etc is correct including the pickguard and ‘Les Paul’ truss rod cover.

It plays real well too and sounds, as you can imagine, as good as any classic SG out there. The horseshoe Bigsby is a joy to use, probably better than the sideways pull and as it is just right by the palm of your hand, so very easy to grab. In fact you can have a lot of fun with this guitar…

As you can see from the photos, it has dings, dongs, nicks, naks and checking in a fair few places. The refin is so old it black lights almost like an original and it has the classic jack socket repair crack that quite a few SG’s seem to suffer from. Included is non original hard case.

This would probably be worth more in parts than as I am selling it right now but this is something I struggle with doing so if you fancy grabbing a bargain, just go ahead and take full advantage of my non destructive nature….

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At a glance

Model: Les Paul Standard (SG)
Year: 1961
Finish: Cherry Red

Modifications: Added Bigsby, replaced tuners, newer switch poker chip, replaced strap buttons
Repairs: PAF's in/out, jack socket crack repair
Weight: 3.3 Kg

Case: Non original hard
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuners: Replaced modern repros

Pickups: PAF Patent Applied For early 60's probably original
Hardware: Correct nickel
Neck Profile: slim flat
Pots: correct CTS




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