1961 Gibson ES-175DN Blonde + OHSC

1961 Gibson ES-175DN Blonde + OHSC

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Players priced, gorgeous blonde Gibson ES-175 DN from 1961 in fantastic condition with original Lifton case.

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So you asked us for a few more reasonably priced, player type vintage guitars and here you are:

This is a rare, blonde finish Gibson ES-175DN with original brown Lifton case with the pink lining. I’m sure you can guess why it is so cheap and yes you’re right, the PAF’s have been lifted and replaced with (so I have been led to believe) Wizz PAF’s which in themselves are a none too shabby sounding set of pickups costing a fair bit over here in the UK.

Aside from that, there is a professionally repaired crack along the side that must have been done a long time ago as it black-lights properly. All the rest looks great and actually, is in rather fine condition as you can clearly see from the pictures in the gallery.

It plays superbly well on the original frets that are in excellent condition and has a low action with no neck or truss rod issues. The back of the neck has virtually zero wear and it is a real joy to play and to listen to.

Most of these 175’s you find totally stripped of valuable parts right down to the bare husk but this one seems to have escaped relatively mildly with just the PAF’s taken out. All the other valuable parts such as the knobs, TRC, tuners etc are still there as well as that rather fine brown Lifton case that completes this very appetising package.

These blonde ES-175D’s are rare from this period, in fact this is only one of 81 shipped in 1961.

If you are a rock god who fancies just a bit of dabbling in to the Jazz realm without blowing a fortune on a vintage Jazz archtop from the 50’s or 60’s then this will fit the bill perfectly and also look the part.

If you are an accomplished Jazz guitarist who has always fancied a PAF era ES-175D but couldn’t quite stretch to the £10k + asking price, this will give you all the pleasure, with none of the pain of forking out that much money and no one will ever be able to tell you are playing a 175 without PAF’s. Both visually and sound wise…

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At a glance

Model: ES-175 DN
Year: 1961
Finish: Blonde

Modifications: Replaced Pickups
Repairs: Side crack
Weight: 3.7 Kg

Case: Lifton 5 latch brown/pink
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuners: Single Line Kluson

Pickups: Wizz PAF's
Hardware: Nickel
Neck Profile: Slim wide
Pots: Sealed in cans




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