1961 Fender Stratocaster Blonde

1961 Fender Stratocaster Blonde

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Superb, rare, original blonde, pre-CBS slab board Fender Strat at a price not a great deal more than a refin...

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Gurt Lush, early 1961 original blonde Fender Stratocaster with original finish at a price way under the last blonde ‘61 we sold - read on…

Blonde, pre-CBS slab board Strats are not that common at all, in fact they are probably rarer than fiesta red and a lot rarer than olympic white yet this one is priced the same as a beat up old sunburst Why? Well it has at some stage in its life had a clear lacquer overspray, probably to protect the original blonde finish. Some of this has worn off, especially on the back, but it is there so that would have to be something you would have to get used to, or have someone remove it with fine sandpaper or similar.

In addition to this, the switch is a 5 way, one of the tone pots and one of the tuners have been replaced and there is one extra screw hole under the pickguard. Thats about it really, oh yes and a refret using the same size, vintage type frets that would have been on there originally.

Weight is a nice 3.47 Kg and being an early 1961, it has a wondrous and fairly think piece of primo slab rosewood as its playing surface (fingerboard). All three black bottom pre-CBS pickups are totally original and shine in every Strat like way you can imagine. Neck is medium C profile and it plays very nicely indeed.

Serial number is 56298, body date is 5/61, neck date is 11/60 and the two original pots are dated 4th week of 1961. Body is a nice ash body that does sound different to the alder bodies you get on the usual sunburst Strats of this era. A lot of people prefer this, some do not care either way but you can be assured you will be getting a very decent sounding pre-CBS Fender Strat.

As you can see, this lovely guitar has been played and the wear is testament to how much it has been enjoyed by the previous owner(s). There is some buckle rash, various dings and dongs all over the place including some at the back of the neck but in our opinion, it really does look the part.

So here you have it. A super rare, original custom colour, pre-CBS slab board Strat priced at not much more than a refin would be. What’s not to like…?

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At a glance

Model: Stratocaster
Year: 1961
Finish: Blonde

Modifications: None
Repairs: 5 way switch, one tone pot replaced with mid-70s CTS and top e tuner replaced
Weight: 3.47 Kg

Case: Old British Hardshell case
Fingerboard: Slab-board Rosewood
Tuners: 5 x correct single line Kluson, 1 replaced

Pickups: 3 x correct single-coil
Hardware: Correct Chrome
Neck Profile: Medium C for guitar, Medium C for bass
Pots: 2 x Correct CTS, 1 replacement




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