1960 Gibson ES-345 TDSV + OHSC

1960 Gibson ES-345 TDSV + OHSC

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​Bargain priced, Gibson ES-345 TD SV in lovely cherry red faded to watermelon shade with a few player mods that keep it affordable and most would say, a far friendlier instrument to play....

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​Bargain priced, Gibson ES-345 TD SV in lovely cherry red faded to watermelon shade with a few player mods that keep it affordable and most would say, a far friendlier instrument to play….

This one has already been converted to mono, using the original pots and cans and has had the Varitone bypassed. If you wish to re-instate this, there is a bag in the case pocket containing the Varitone choke, wires etc plus a receipt from the well known Japanese dealer who did the work.

It has also had a Bigsby B7 fitted at some stage in it’s life so you will find two small, filled screw holes on the top and four even smaller ones by the bottom strap button.

Aside from the filled in Bigsby holes, there are no finish touch ups or overspray, or refinishing at all and no breaks or repairs anywhere. The headstock has never been broken and it is structurally totally sound.

It has two Patent Applied For PAF pickups fitted, both are original PAF’s with no rewinds and both have lost their stickers. The neck one has had the cover taken off to flip the magnet which is required when you convert these to mono and the bridge one is still sealed, cover has never been off.

I was told by the dealer who sold it to me the pick guard is original but I have my doubts, it is at worst, a very high quality aged, replacement long guard. The stop tail is probably from the late 60’s and the bridge is a gold ABR-1 with a wire retainer and metal saddles.

​Knobs are shallow dish, black reflector knobs with faded gold inserts, the tuners are correct single line Kluson with very good, replacement tips. I am sure the originals must have crumbled, as many do.

​It has been re-fretted and plays real well with a typical late ‘60 neck profile, not super skinny but not chunky like a year earlier. It comes complete with a 4 latch Lifton brown and pink case that works just fine.

This is one superb vintage ES-345 that you do not need two amps to plug into and is ready to go to work straight away with a nice pair of killer PAF’s that everyone desires…

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At a glance

Model: ES-45 TDC SV
Year: 1960
Finish: Original Cherry Red

Modifications: Replaced pickguard, re-fret, slightly later bridge, Varitone bypassed, Bigsby fitted at one stage
Repairs: touch up to Bigsby holes
Weight: 3.8 Kg

Case: Correct Lifton type brown/pink
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuners: Correct Kluson gold with replaced tips

Pickups: PAF's one cover been off to flip magnet
Hardware: Gold
Neck Profile: Medium slim wide
Pots: Appear correct




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