1960 (Early) Gibson ES-175 D + OHSC

1960 (Early) Gibson ES-175 D + OHSC

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A Gibson ES-175 from the Golden era with tons of tone that won't break the bank...

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We love an archtop here at ATB Guitars and the ES-175 from Gibson is certainly an iconic figure amongst the breed. As the demand for vintage parts grows stronger, these guitars and their lesser relatives fall foul of the craving, often ending up (as is the case here) as husks. Never ones to shy away from a project, we’ve resurrected this guitar to the condition you see here.

The guitar itself is structurally sound. There are no signs of any breaks or repairs though it has certainly seen its fair share of tribulations as the various dings and scratches attest. The colour is still vivid with a little fade to the lower bout at the front where as the back has remained fade free. The neck has various wear marks and the lacquer has cracked and chipped along its length. This does not affect the feel whilst playing. The headstock has quite a lot of wear in particular to the face and top though again, no structural damage has been sustained.

As previously stated, this guitar has been restored. This has been done using new parts whilst trying to retain the vintage aesthetic. The tailpiece is original but the rosewood bridge is a reproduction. The electronics (harness and pickups) have been put together by Bloodstone Pickups. The humbuckers have been wound to around 7.3k each, more in keeping with the originals. The CTS pots have been wired with correct braided wire and the tone capacitors are Sprague Orange drops. The knobs are aged reproductions. The tuners are Kluson style reproductions.

The guitar comes with an original 50’s Lifton 4 latch case

The appeal of this instrument is its worn in feel. It is a comfortable guitar to play that you wouldn’t have to be afraid of taking out to gigs. It has a typical late 59 type neck profile rather than the slimmer 1960 profile so it is a comfortable guitar to play. Acoustically the tone is bright and sprightly which is certainly what you’d look for in these guitars. Plugged in that tone is definitely translated. The pickups simply amplify the sound of the instrument without adding any unnceasssry artefacts or weighting the tone down too much. The controls interact very well.

We always strive for originallity when it comes to Vintage instruments but here is a guitar that shows us the merits of craftsmanship 60 years apart.

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At a glance

Model: ES-175 TD
Year: 1960
Finish: Sunburst

Modifications: None
Repairs: New electronics and pickups, new knobs, new bridge and replaced tuners
Weight: 2.80 Kg

Case: Correct Brown 4 latch case
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuners: Reproduction Kluson Style tuners

Pickups: 2 x Bloodstone PAF style pickups
Hardware: Correct Nickel tailpiece
Neck Profile: Medium C
Pots: 2018 CTS 500k




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