1959 Fender Telecaster + OHSC

1959 Fender Telecaster + OHSC

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One of the last 1959 maple neck Teles made with a neck date and a tweed case. Very nice it is too..!

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One of the last few with one piece maple neck and a tweed case, here is a stunning 1959 Fender Telecaster at a reasonable price.

Fender were always trying to improve their lines and develop better ways of production. When they revamped the Precision Bass in 1957 they moved the string anchor from the through body to the end of the bridge. This same technique was applied to the Telecaster and whilst its was accepted by the bass community, guitarists weren’t as enamoured. As a result string through was adopted again towards the middle of 1959.

If proof were needed for the perfect guitar then surely its this. A distilled masterpiece chocked full of tone. The original blonde finish is stunning and has aged wonderfully showcasing the ash grain of the body. There are a few drinks and knocks as you’d expect but nothing that detracts and no swaths of exposed wood. This guitar s one of the last few with one piece maple necks and the carve is more of a C than the soft V that had been the norm in 1957 through to early 1958. The lacquer has retained some of its gloss and has only really worn along the edge of the neck and in a few patches in the middle of the fretboard that has been refretted.

The headstock and decal are in great shape too and free from any real wear, especially on that vulnerable decal. The hardware is in great condition showing only minor signs of wear and the pickguard hasn’t warped.

Under the pickguard you will see why we have priced this competitively. There are three extra screw holes where it looks like a different pickguard has been on at some stage. It is also apparent that the pre-CBS, black bottom pickup has been out then in again. Mercifully, that is the full extent of mods one of the previous owners made and thankfully no routing, or finish damage was needed for any of these temporary experiments!

The switch wiring has been changed so that the neck pickup has full use of the tone control rather than the stock 1959 factory ‘woof tone’ The pots, switch and cap are all correct and the pickups all have the original windings. They are really nice, strong and not too microphonic.

The guitar comes with an original tweed case with yellow lining in pretty decent condition and no indication that it has ever housed a Strat either!

Opinion is divided over the toploader bridge, claims made that the arrangement doesn’t yield as much twang as the bottom feeder option. As with many of these things its up to personal preference. With regards to this guitar its certainly not lacking in the twang department and in fact what the string arrangement does give us is a slightly slinkier feel making bends much easier. As you’d expect, the maple and ash combination gives this guitar a wonderful attack that sustains beautifully, the neck pickup providing a smooth tone with bite from the bridge.

One of the last few with a maple neck from the end of the decade and probably one of the last in ‘59 to have any kind of neck date, this one will not be overlooked and may prove to be fairly popular.

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At a glance

Model: Telecaster
Year: 1959
Finish: Original Blonde

Modifications: 3 x extra screw holes under pickguard. Pickup off/on again
Repairs: Refret
Weight: 3.58 Kg

Case: Correct Tweed
Fingerboard: Maple
Tuners: Kluson single line

Pickups: Correct black bottom pre-CBS
Hardware: Chrome
Neck Profile: Medium Chunky C
Pots: CTS dated 47th week of 1958




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