1959 Fender 5F6-A  Bassman

1959 Fender 5F6-A Bassman

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Exceptional, original narrow panel 1959 Bassman to go with your 1959 Burst Sir...

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Classic, 1959 Fender 5F6-A Bassman

Fender Tweed covered amps hold a special place in the hearts and minds of guitar players the world over, with arguably the finest being the Fender Bassman. From its introduction in 1952 and through its many iterations, the bassman’s popularity grew, redefining the guitar amplifier with each step and becoming, in the eyes of many, the greatest guitar amplifier of all time.

This is a stunning example. Though its over 60 years old there is very little damage to the tweed and any that there is only adds to the distinctive look of the amp. . The control panel is in amazing condition showing no signs of bubbling or corrosion with the silk screened text still incredibly clear and unfaded. The handle has been replaced with a more modern example.

The amp is still has its full complement of Jensen P10 speakers dated week 45 of 1959 which for a bassman is quiet a feat. One of the speakers has been re-coned though but the work was done well and we defy you to hear the difference. Internally the only repair has been the replacement of the power supply caps. Otherwise everything is correct and undisturbed with pots and transformers all date matched to 1959.

As you’d hope, this amp sounds fantastic. Loud and crisp with that unmistakeable 50’s Fender character, this amp will rip your head off but there will be a smile on your face. There is no doubt why this is such a lauded amp.

These don’t come up for sale in this condition and also sounding this good! It is at home equally well in the studio or on the road and once you crank these, you can soon tell what all the fuss is about…

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Repairs: Filter caps only replaced




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