1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior + HSC

1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior + HSC

Gibson |  58LPJR4

A nice bargain price LP Junior from one of the good years and last year of the single cut...

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The last year of the single cut, here is the 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior and at just 3.18Kg it is a real nice light weight one too.

Born from a desire to provide a no-frills yet well constructed alternative to the company’s other offerings, the Les Paul Junior proved popular with professional as well as students who appreciated primal nature of the instrument. The Single Cut incarnation is held in high regards by many who feel that the larger joint between the neck and the body improves transfer of vibration from the strings and aides sustain. The combined with a single P90 makes for a potent combo.

This one has a few dinks and knocks to give it a little character, giving it that real rock’n’roll feel. The finish has retained most of its vibrancy, with the red layer of the sunburst still visible. The back has its share of marks and a large area of wear that extends to the edges though again the lacquer still retains its gloss.

The neck too has retained its wonderful glossy finish and although there are marks here they aren’t substantial. The fretboard shows some signs of wear, and a really nice re-fret has made sure that that this is going to be a great playing guitar for years to come. The headstock has been broken and well repaired with the inevitable dings along the edges. The nut has also been replaced, probably when the headstock was repaired and the knobs are later 60’s types.

It has had different tuners on at some point in its life, but now wears reproduction Kluson single line tuners. The tailpiece is in good condition and has a nice patina to it. The plastics are in good order too but the jack plate has been replaced with an oversize unit.

Electronically everything is correct and looks great, with the renowned “bumblebee” capacitor dominating the control cavity. The original vintage P90 pickup is still present and sings.

What can we say about these guitars that you won’t already know. Incredibly versatile for an instrument with so few options. The controls are very interactive, coaxing out a wide palette of tones. The neck is very comfortable and combined with the newer frets makes this a very nice guitar to play. These guitars are incredibly popular for a reason.

We can’t get enough of these guitars. They are very popular and never really disappoint in the tone department so get yours before it slips away

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At a glance

Model: Les Paul Junior
Year: 1958
Finish: Sunburst

Modifications: Jack plate replaced, knobs are later examples, other tuners at some stage
Repairs: Headstock break, new nut
Weight: 3.45 Kg

Case: hardshell case
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuners: Reproduction Kluson Single Line

Pickups: Correct P90
Hardware: Correct Nickel
Neck Profile: Medium C
Pots: 2 x Correct 500k Centrelab




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