1953 Martin 000-18 + rare OHSC

1953 Martin 000-18 + rare OHSC

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What's good enough for Ry Cooder, Steve Howe, Martin Carthy MBE and more should be good enough for most other people. This superb, crack free 1953 Martin 000-18 is a brilliant example, the likes of which we do not see every day...

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Not something we normally sell but the boss has a soft touch for a vintage Martin 000-18 as does the likes of British guitarists Steve Howe (his 00-18 is the exact same year) and Martin Carthy who both serve to ably demonstrate the beautiful tones this superb guitar can produce in the right hands.

This very nice example is nicely worn in all the right places and is a players delight. It is all totally original, finish, hardware, pickguard etc and is remarkably crack free. I am not sure if I can remember the last time I saw a 50’s Martin 000 or 00 that was crack free. There has been no structural repairs either. The action is nicely low which may indicate a neck reset in the past (most Martins of this age have had at least one) but if this has been done, it has been expertly carried out with no traces left.

You really need to play one of these to appreciate what they are capable of and in the boss’s humble opinion, one of the nicest vintage Martins made. It seems Ry Cooder agreed with this too and allegedly, the superb guitar tone you hear on Paris Texas was also a 50’s vintage Martin 000-18.

This one is superbly well set up and is one you will not have to worry about sorting the action on as it is a real delight to play all the way up the fingerboard. Even the open back Waverly tuners work well and have not been swapped out to Grovers like you see many a time.

Included, is what we believe to be a very rare, original hard case for the Martin 000-18. It is in lovely condition too and is a very nice compliment to what is a totally sensational guitar. If it is an original case it may have had its handle replaced, if it is not an original case then it is an old, solid and perfectly fitted case which looks as if it has happily lived with the guitar for a very long time.

Come down to Cheltenham, give it a try in our ‘acoustic corner’ and be prepared to smile…

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At a glance

Model: 000-18
Year: 1953
Finish: Original natural

Modifications: Pickup fitted with strap button jack (can be removed)
Weight: 1.79 Kg

Case: Correct hard case
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuners: Correct Grover open back

Neck Profile: round C
Pots: None




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