1940 National Style O Resonator + HSC

1940 National Style O Resonator + HSC

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Every self respecting guitar player, or collector has to have one of these in their guitarsenal or collection at some point in their life. If you are a session guitarist then you will at some point want to use one to. This 1940 round neck example provides you with all the classic tones...

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From 1940 we have this National Style O Resonator.

At the dawn of the 20th Century, instrument builders were looking for ways of building louder instruments to meet the demands of performers looking to be heard over the din of an audience or accompanying orchestra. One such request was made by a George Beauchamp (a vaudeville performer) to John Dopeyera to make him a guitar using the Stoh violin model which utilised a phonograph style horn to increase the volume.

Established in 1928 by George and the Dopyera siblings, the National String Instrument Corporation produced a try-cone guitar as well as introducing a new guitar with a single resonator cone conceived by John Dopyera. Through legal wrangling the company established itself and produce a wide variety of metal bodied single and tri-coned guitars that have become iconic, inspiring countless imitators. Production ceased in 1941 with the advent of America’s entry into World War 2.

Considering its age, this guitar is in remarkable condition. The iconic Hawaiian imagery is still clear all over the body which itself is still in excellent condition, free of any major dents or cracks. The only sign of use is the wear on the bridge guard and on the table side of the resonator cover. There are also signs of a pickguard being fitted.

The round neck is chunky and the finish is worn to a comfortable satin. There are some marks on the back that look like holes that have been repaired. These do not affect tuning stability and cannot be felt when you run your hands up and down it. The fretboard is in excellent shape though by the look of the frets its likely that this guitar has been refretted. This has been done very well and the guitar plays excellently because of this. The headstock and National medallion are in good condition.

The guitar comes with a Savage and Hoy hardshell case which is probably why the guitar has stayed in such good condition.

Be it Lola, Romeo and Juliet or Jitterbug Swing, we’ve all heard a resonator at some stage. Its distinctive percussive quality and almost reverb tank like tone give this guitar such a unique voice thats a must for any guitar collection.

Everyone has to play a resonator at some point and its a must for the curious and those in search of its unique voice…

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At a glance

Model: Style O
Year: 1940
Finish: Polished steel with sandblasted Hawaiian scene

Modifications: None
Repairs: None
Weight: 4.92 Kg

Case: Savage and Hoy hardshell case
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Tuners: Correct open gear tuners

Hardware: Correct German Nickel
Neck Profile: Chunky C




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