Sell Us Your Guitar

Maybe not as poetic as Emma Lazarus but the message is clear, if you’re looking to sell your vintage and rare guitars, pedals, amps, we’re here to help.

If its been a trusted friend, family heirloom or simply a case of thinning the herd, we’re here to give you an honest assessment and to help you make an informed choice based on our many years of experience.

The world of vintage guitars can be a bewildering miasma, particularly for the uninitiated, where the lines between fact and hearsay can be easily blurred. At ATB Guitars we’d like to think that we can help you navigate these potential pitfalls and make decisions that best suit you, whether you’ve been immersed in it for years or are coming to this completely fresh.

But how does it work...

...We welcome your enquiries, be they by email at or by phone on 01242 697607 (Monday to Friday, 9-5pm) and are happy to discuss your situation and expectations. 

If you're contacting us via email we welcome pictures so we can make an initial assessment of condition and to start researching if that is required. 

What usually happens after this is that we’d need to see the guitar in person to make a more detailed inspection and to give a more informed verdict on value. This would be done by booking an appointment. 

We specialize in vintage Gibson and Fender guitars from the classic period but also deal in Martin, Gretsch and a few other brands so feel free to get in touch and show us what you’ve got!

Note -  text hacked from Emma Lazarus’ epic sonnet ‘The New Colossus’