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1974 Gibson EDS 1275

1974 Gibson EDS 1275 + OHSC

Reintroduced to the Gibson catalogue in 1974 due in no small part to rock excesses of the late 60s and early 70s, the EDS 1275 went through some chang...

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1989 Gibson Flying V

1989 Gibson Flying V + OHSC

Are you ready to ROCK?! Youll need one of these then…1989 Gibson Flying V ‘67 reissue in Cherry. Returning the V to its roots in 1990, Gibson chose to...

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1964 Gibson EB-2

1964 Gibson EB-2 + OHSC

Introduced alongside the ES-335 in 1959, the EB-2 was touted as "Gibson's biggest bass invention" and stayed in the catalogue until 1972 with a brief ...

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