JHS Milkman

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    Its hard not to love what JHS does at the moment (even if they do occasionally cause the frankly insane inflation of certain digitech pedals), and this JHS Milkman is a prime example. Slapback delay and boost in a very compact package, it does what it says on the tin and it does it well.

    Here's what JHS have to say about the Milkman:

    The JHS Pedals Milkman began with a conversation between Josh Scott and Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound. Tim wanted a pedal that could pair perfectly with the tremolo and reverb on his amps, something that country and Americana players could use as their only pedal if desired. Thus the Milkman was born, a perfect combo of slap delay and clean boost that will give you just what you need and not too much. So pour yourself a big glass and tip it back because the Milkman is about to deliver!


    The Milkman has two fully independent effects with the boost on the right side and the slap delay on the left. The boost is a fully clean boost that is fantastic to push your amp into natural overdrive or leave on all the time as a preamp. The slap delay has controls for Slap, Mix, Repeat, and EQ. The Slap control adjusts the time of the delay from 0ms, which can create a doubled type effect, to 250ms to give you just enough echo to get some spacious sounds. The Mix control adjusts the volume of the echo. The Repeat control adjusts the number of repeats the delay will give you. The EQ control adjusts the brightness of the repeats to give you the ability to have a darker more ambient sound or a brighter, chirpier sound that cuts through the mix.


    - Two fully independent effects in one small footprint.
     - Boost allows you to have an always-on preamp or send your amp into natural breakup.
     - Slap delay to give you just the right amount of echo to give your tone the cream on top.
     - Perfect for slide, country, rockabilly, and Americana.

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