1957 Magnatone MkIII

1957 Magnatone MkIII + OSSC

Considered by many to have been the father of the electric guitar, Paul Bigsby’s  influence can be seen throughout the cannon. Having decided to conce...

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1961 Epiphone Olympic

1961 Epiphone Olympic + HSC

1961 Epiphone Olympic anyone?Introduced in 1960, the Olympics shared the same manufacturing floor as Gibson’s Melody Maker, following the same lines. ...

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1946 Gibson LG-2

1946 Gibson LG-2 + HSC

Late 40s Gibson LG-2 anyone?Gibson’s LG series were introduced in 1942, with a starting line-up of LG-1, LG-2 and LG-3. However, LG-1 and LG-3 stopped...

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1957 Supro Belmont

1957 Supro Belmont + OSSC

Formed in 1942, Valco were the cornerstone of affordable guitar building in the post war era. Responsible for building solid body guitars for both Nat...

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1965 Hofner President

1965 Hofner President + HSC

Hofner has a long history of musical instrument manufacture stretching back to the 19th Century. If any company is set to survive it has to follow tre...

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1965 Kay Vanguard II

1965 Kay Vanguard II + HSC

A well worn finish married to this classic red burst paint job really adds to the mojo of this guitar. There are signs of touch up here and there but ...

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