Sold Gallery

1956 Gibson Les Paul Standard - MINT!

Totally MINT with equally mint Lifton case, tags and case candy galore. Sold to UK collector.

1969 Fender Telecaster Rosewood

All original 1969 Fender Rosewood Telecaster in MINT condition with tags. The George Harrison model. Sold to a Japanese musician/collector.

1964 Gibson ES-330 TDC

Another totally MINT piece. This one looked like it just left the factory. With original tags, manual etc. Sold to UK collector.

1967 Gibson Flying V

Uber RARE 1967 Gibson Flying V. One of around 135 made, this one being from batch II. Sold to a US musician/collector.

1964 Blonde Gibson ES-330 TDN

Ultra rare blonde, all original 1964 Gibson ES-330 TDN. Bought from the manager of the original owner who was a star of the 60’s. Sold to a UK player/collector.

1966 Fender STratocaster Olympic White MINT

An unreal condition 1966 Fender Stratocaster factory finished in Olympic White and just about As-New condition. A stunning guitar that sold to a US musician/collector.

1952 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Near MINT first year Gibson Les Paul Goldtop in rare all gold finish. Complete with beautiful original case plus a ton of case candy. Sold to an Italian collector.

1960 Gibson ES-335 TD MINT

One owner 1960 ES-335 in MINT condition with tons of case candy. I’m not sure what the owner did with this guitar during it’s 58 year life but playing it was not one. Sold to a player/collector in Belgium.

1963 Fender Stratocaster Olympic White GOLD hardware

Absolutely Jaw Dropping original Olympic White (no clearcoat) 1963 Fender Strat with rare and still mainly untarnished gold harware. Even the case was mint. Sold to UK collector.

1962 Fender Jazzmaster Olympic White GOLD hardware

Another stunning, near MINT original Olympic White with no clearcoat, Fender with factory GOLD hardware. This time it’s a slab board 1962 Jazzmaster! Sold to a Hawaiian Doctor.

1959 Gibson ES-335 TD

I bought this one from Joe Satriani who told me he in turn bought it from Keith Richards so yes, it rocked..! Big reading PAF’s on this one. Sold to a US collector.

1969 Gibson SG Standard

Ultra rare, factory BLACk ‘69 SG Standard with one-piece neck and original case. Only one of two we have seen. Sold to a UK collector/author.

1954 Fender Stratocaster

What a cool guitar. First year of issue Fender Strat with a serial number below 100. Didn’t last long here. Sold to an Italian collector.

1969 Gibson Flying V

Sold witin 15 mins of posting online this probably unique, 1969 original, walnut Flying V is the only one known to exist with a factory, black painted headstock. Sold to a French musician/collector.

1962 Fender Rhodes Bass Piano Fiesta Red

We couldn’t resist buying this. A super-cute, custom colour Fiesta Red 1962 Rhodes Bass. Near MINT too with the exact same brown tolex covering as the case for your ‘62 Fiesta Red Strat. Sold to a Danish player.

1967 Fender Telecaster Ice Blue Metallic

Very rare custom colour Ice Blue Metallic Fender Telecaster. Only one we’ve ever seen amd sold to a LA record company executive.

1966 Gibson ES-335 TD

One of our fastest sellers of last year and our most popular Instagram pic to date. Insanely rare factory original 1966 Pelham Blue ES-335 TD with stop tail conversion. Sold to a US muscian/collector within 20 mins of posting.

1960 Gibson Les Paul Junior BLACK!

How could we not include this. One of only three known to exist. A factory black, ‘60 Les Paul Junior. The other two are owned by a famous US dealer, this one sold to a French musician/collector.

1962 Gibson Les Paul SG Standard MINT

Hardly a mark anywhere on this beauty, even the nickel was so clear you could use it to shave. Exceptional instrument, sold to a UK collector.

1966 Fender Custom Telecaster

Near MINT with case candy and even the original Hire Purchace agreement. Sold to a UK player/collector.

1964 Fender Stratocaster LPB

All original Lake Placid Blue custom colour in remarkable condition with loads of case candy. Sold to a UK player/collector.

1956 Gibson ES-5N Switchmaster

If you ask me, this is the ultimate version of Gibson’s classic Switchmaster Guitar. PAF’s just do not seem quite right but this thing sings with P-90’s. Rare blonde too. Sold to a UK player/collector

1952 Fender Telecaster

100% original and in great condition. This is the famous one featured on the ‘Porn Stars’ programme where the owner’s grandson sells it to the shop for a silly price.. Now sold to an Italian collector.

1971 Gibson Medallion Flying V

Very few of these survive witout any modifications at all. This is one of them and it was near MINT. Sold to a US musician/collector.

1965 Fender Jazz Bass Sonic Blue

Rare 100% original, rare custom colour Sonic Blue Jazz Bass with matching headstock. Didn’t last long here at all! Sold to a US musician/collector.

1955 Gibson ES-350

Rare model, only made for one year and the best ES-350 you can get. This one is even rarer blonde and had the most gorgeous flame maple. Sold to a player in Belgium.

1959 Gibson ES-330 TDN

All original, blonde 1959 Gibson ES-330 TDN. Doesn’t get much better than this for ES-330 nuts and would have made a great complement to our 1964 blonde ES-330. Sold to a UK player/collector.

1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Early ‘68 small headstock and factory re-located strap button. Long tenon, cloverleaf cut out and one-piece body and neck of course. Near MINT too. Sold to UK collector.

1959 Gibson ES-355 TDC MONO

Very rare mono ES-355 from 1959 with 2 x double white PAF pickups and that’s exaclty how it left me! Sold to a US player/collector.

1952 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Not a mark anywhere, immaculate. Featured on one of our early YouTube videos, the cleanest we have ever seen. Sold to a London City Investment firm.

1962 Epiphone Crestwood Deluxe

In near MINT condition this was a superb example of the really cool, Crestwood model. Even had PAF mini humbuckers fitted! Sold to a musician in Belgium.

1955 Gibson ES-295 Cherry Red

Only one or two known to exist. This is an extremely rare,factory original cherry red ES-295. The memphis reissue was based on one of these. Best colour ever for a 295. Sold to a Swedish player/collector.

1959 Gibson Les  Paul Special TV

Rare and even rarer due to complete absence of any neck repairs! A stunning playing example with full size ‘59 neck profile. Sold to a Danish player/collector.

1968 Fender Telecaster Blue Flower

Pretty rare, even pretty and rare.. 1968 maple cap necked original blue flower Tele from that era everyone raved about, the ones that could remember it of course… Sold to a Swedish player/collector.

1963 Fender Jazzmaster Candy Apple Red

Early CAR ‘63 Jazzmaster with matching headstock. Not often seen in this condition and sold to a German player.

1964 Gibson Firebird VII

One of the few left that survived the last 54 years without a headstock fracture. 100% original too. Sold to a US musician/collector.

1959 ES-345 TDA SV

Another stunner. This big neck ‘59 was from the first rack of 35 ES-345 guitars to come out of Kalamazoo in 1959. Near MINT and unfaded Argentine Grey (hence the TDA model suffix). Came with layaway checks and TRC engraved for original owner. Sold to US collector.

1959 Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster

The grand emperor of archtops. This all original, triple PAF tone beast was sold to a player from Holland.

1969 Fender Jazz Bass Firemist Gold

Another rare and lovely item. A ‘69 Jazz Bass in factory original gold, with matching headstock. This is the only one I have seen and was just lovely! Sold to a Swiss collector/player.

1965 Fender Electric XII Sonic Blue

Actually a Clive Brown re-fin but so good it would fool most people. We had great fun wigging out to ‘Stairway’ when it was here. Sold to a UK musician.

1954 Fender Esquire

You got to like the simplicity of Leo’s early designs. They just work. This lovely blackguard is no exception. Sold to a Japanese musician/collector.

1955 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Often overlooked in favour of it’s more famous brethren, these early Customs can really stand out with the right amp. Sold to a Danish musician.

1967 Fender 'Smugglers' Telecaster

You do not see many of these original ‘Smugglers’ Teles. Even though it was a body re-fin it was still a great deal on a rare guitar. This was CBS Fender’s attempt at weight relief! Sold to a UK musician/collector.

1964 Blonde Gibson ES-330 TDN

Another pic of this, probably one-off blonde 1964 ES-330. Bought from the original owner’s manager and can be seen ‘Shaking’ its thing around the world on a fair few YouTube videos…




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