1970 Marshall 4x12 Cab 1982/B Model

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At A Glance:
Model: 1982/B
Year: 1970
Finish: Black Tolex
Modifications: None
Repairs: None

Watts: 120

    Sometimes necessity is the mother of invention. Had it not been for Pete Townshend, stages all over the world might not have been obscured by six foot high speaker stacks, and if his roadies hadn’t complained about carting around his huge 8 x 12 cabinets, we wouldn't have had the 4 x 12. Admittedly, Jim Marshall did suggest this to Pete initially but ah well.  

    Introduced in 1965, the arrangement of four speakers in a cabinet has become part of the fabric of music.

    The 1982 model cabinet was first introduced in 1967 with the lettering denoting whether it was an angled (A) or straight fronted (B) arrangement. These cabinets were rated at 120 watts and stayed in production until 1980.

    Cosmetically the cab is in good condition with a few marks and bumps to the tolex as you’d expect. Thankfully there are no signs of rips or any such repairs.

    The basket weave grill cloth is in very good condition with no sign of sag or any puncture damage. 

    The wheels have seen better days but still work for short journeys.

    The input jack and cable have been replaced. The four Celestion G12 T1281 are all present and correct, dated at 29th October 1970. The codes on the cones also corroborate this. They are all 55kHz Pulsonic cones with 014 code. 

    With the Marshall head plugged in there is no doubting that this is an iconic combination. If you know, you know.

    A great addition to any collection, studio setup or out there on the road. Grab it before it gets away…

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