1973/76 Marshall 2100 Lead & Bass Combo

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At A Glance:
Model: 2100
Year: 1973-76
Modifications: Hole in baffle, see description and photos

Technology: Valve
Watts: 50
Preamp Valves: ECC83
Power Valves: EL34
Channels: 2

    A bit of a rare oddity from mid 70’s Marshall, this 2100 Lead and Bass combo is actually really cool and something of a bargain.

    Introduced in 1973, the 2100 Lead and Bass was only available via mail order for 4 years until 1976. In essence its a 50 watt JMP amp, with both 1987 (Lead) and 1986 (Bass) circuits, in a chunky 2x12 combo format with 2 Rola Celestion G12M Speakers.

    This example is in good overall condition. There’s the expected scratches and scuffs to the tolex but nothing out of the ordinary. Inside there’s an odd hole thats been hacked out of the baffle, between the two speakers. It’s hard to say what this might have been for, but it doesn’t impact the sound or appearance of the amp and is only really visible from the rear. There’s also a notable tear in the tolex on the rear and a small hole thats been covered up with some electrical tape.

    Electronically it's been well looked after, with a receipt from its last service in 2012. It’s in perfect working order, and is ready to be gigged by its next owner!

    These are great sounding amps, with something of a cult following. They were used by people Like Paul Weller in the 90s as well as Oasis guitarist Bonehead, and it's easy to see why with the convenient form factor and big oldschool Marshall sound. It’s loud, and there’s no master volume so you’re very much at the mercy of all 50 watts! It takes pedals incredibly well, and is a really great option for those after some serious vintage marshall tones…

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