1964 Fender Bassman 6G6-B + Cab - RARE Export model

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At A Glance:
Model: Bassman 6G6-B
Year: 1964
Finish: Cream tolex
Modifications: Eminence Speakers
Repairs: Filter caps replaced, changed output transformer,

Technology: Valve
Watts: 30
Preamp Valves: 7025
Power Valves: 6L6
Channels: 2

    The Beatles fought over theirs, Pete Townshend wouldn’t be without his and Brian Setzer rekindled our love of Rockabilly with his…

    This is a rare, early factory export model with an internal tag board that will let you change the AC voltage from 117v to 240v. Power transformer is the correct and very rare original dated 3rd week of 1964.

    The amp is in great condition cosmetically. The tolex has a few marks and small tears but the amp wears its life of orchestra pits and light touring well. The grill cloth does have a couple of rips but no further damage.

    Electrically the output transformer has been changed for a high quality replacement. The filter caps have been replaced too. Elsewhere there doesn’t seem to have been any more work carried out. 

    The speakers are Eminence Patriot Screaming Eagle.

    This is a classic amp for a reason. Plenty of clean headroom and that lush Fender tone and enough grunt to rearrange your molecular structure and put a great big smile on your face. A bucket list amp if ever there was one.

    Great combo with so much potential. There is certainly a hole in your collection for this one…

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