1963 Ampeg B15N Portaflex

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At A Glance:
Model: B-15 N
Year: 1963
Modifications: None
Repairs: None - possible speaker recone

Technology: Valve
Watts: 25
Preamp Valves: 6SL7
Power Valves: 6L6
Channels: 3

    An icon, the Ampeg B15 is the true genesis of the bass amp. Designed initially for double bass players by Jess Oliver and introduced in 1960, it would soon be found on stages and recording studios all over the world. Used by luminaries such as James Jameson, Rick Danko and John Paul Jones, one even made an appearance on the Dick Cavity show supporting Jimi Hendrix, this was the sound of the  electric bass guitar as it became the backbone of popular music through the 60s and beyond. 

    This amp is in excellent cosmetic condition. There are some bumps and minor tears to be seen, we’ve tried to highlight these in the photos. On a whole the amp is in great shape. The control panel is free of any real corrosion and the print is still visible.

    Even the Ampeg logo still lights up with is just, so cool...!

    Interestingly, though the  serial number indicates this is a 1963 example, there are a few features that suggest it was built earlier. 1962 saw Ampeg move to solid state rectification, which they kept until 1964. As you can see from the photos of the tubes, this amp still retains the 5U4 rectifier tube. Another feature of the change from N to NB models was the inclusion of a four pole XLR that replaced the opto-coupler that this example still retains. This amp is most certainly from 1963 as it has the distinct checkerboard vinyl covering.  

    The amp is still fitted with its Ampeg branded valves and is in full working order. The correct Jensen C15N speaker is fitted and in full working order although it has probably been reconed at some stage.

    If you're looking for classic 60’s valve bass tone then look no further. The perfect tool for live or in the studio, it folds up into a handy wheeled companion. What more do you want?

    We don’t these in this condition so grab it before its gone, your bass will thank you for it!

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