1964 Vox AC-50 diamond input MKI + Foundation 18 inch cab

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At A Glance:
Model: AC50 MKII
Year: 1964
Modifications: None
Repairs: Some component changed

Technology: Valve
Watts: 50
Preamp Valves: ECC83 & ECC82
Power Valves: EL34
Channels: 1
Footswitch: No

    Introduced to the catalog in 1963, the Foundation series sat next to the solid state T60 as VOX’s flagship bass amps and some of the first purpose built bass amps on the market. The Foundation amps were an AC50 married to a 18” closed back speaker cabinet. 

    This example is the Mark I single channel, red diamond input with a thick edge which was introduced in spring of 1964 and referred to as the small box, thick edge example. Four input, diamond array, single channel amp. This was soon replaced with the AC-50/2 MkII which featured an additional channel that came later in the same year. As you can see VOX were very much in the development stage.

    This amp is in amazing condition. Bought from the original owner, it had spent many years dormant before we took possession of it. As such we took the decision to have it checked over and ultimately partially restored due in no small part to its cosmetic status. As you can see from the pictures there is very little in the way of damage to the tolex and the faceplate and grill cloth are in excellent condition.

    Internally a few components have been changed though thankfully the valves and transformers were ok and have been retained. The amp has also been thoroughly cleaned inside and out and looks stunning.

    The cab too has been cleaned and only exhibits some slight scuffing to the tolex. The grill cloth is still in great condition as is the logo. Inside we find the correct Vox 18” speaker which has never been out it seems. This still works well.

    A rarer sight are the wheels and trolley, so often lost. These too have been restored and work as well as you expect.

    The amp delivers a classic 60s warm bass tone, so evocative of the time, and is a lot of fun to play through. The cab gives you that heft you'd expect from an 18” speaker. Quite the package.

    From the dawn of serious bass amplification, this would make quite the accompanying piece to any bass collection. So rare to see them and in this condition even more so. Grab it before its gone…

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