1979 Gretsch White Falcon + OHSC + tags MINT

1979 Gretsch White Falcon + OHSC + tags MINT

Gretsch |  1979whitefalcon

Iconic look and tone. Statement guitars don't come much better than this rare bird. It'll get its talons in you yet....

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From midst the crowds of the Bristol Guitar show, an elderly lady approaches. Clutched tightly in her right hand a black guitar case, her late husband’s pride and joy. The lid is opened and reveals the crown jewel of Gretsch’s endeavours, nestled in striking green fur, the White Falcon. Needless to say we couldn’t let this one pass through our fingers, so here it is.

This guitar comes from the last year these instruments were constructed in the USA prior to the relocation to Japan. Top of the range, it bares the hallmarks of a late 70’s Gretschs such as the narrow ‘F’ holes and uncluttered control layout.

Amazingly the instrument is, save for a small amount of stand rash, in mint condition. The previous owner had purchased it from new and had obviously cherished it, as there is hardly a mark present. The binding is exquisite and free from the all too common rot associated with these guitars. The white lacquer finish is luminous both front and back, the presence of some guitar stand burn above the pad almost unnoticeable.

The ebony topped slender neck is wonderfully clean, the frets showing little signs of wear. Set atop is the instantly recognisable headstock with its crown of gold Grover tuners, themselves barely blemished by time. This can also be said of the other hardware on this guitar, retaining its crisp lustre that won’t fail to turning heads. The iconic falcon motif has never looked so good. This guitar makes a statement like no other.

Un-plugged, there is a bright tone which in conjunction with the FilterTron pickups gives you that much sought after classic Gretsch sound . The just right heft in the low end and bite up top is perfect for a whole array of musical explorations. The neck feels very comfortable and the ebony fretboard is a joy under the fingers. As if that wasn’t enough the vibrato is smooth and springy, anywhere from gentle wobble to Duane Eddy-esque down bends. What more do we need..?

The original hardshell case contains a selection of extras. There’s a letter written in reply to the owner about the origins of the guitar, a quality control tag, Gretsch plectrum and a couple of original Gretsch promotional tags.

This guitar was born in difficult circumstances for the company, yet it manages to beguile us with its presence and is a testament to its continued iconic status amongst players and collectors. We haven’t seen one in this condition before and it might be a while before we see one again. Don’t let it get away.

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At a glance

Model: White falcon
Year: 1979
Finish: White

Modifications: None
Repairs: None
Weight: 4.25 Kg

Case: Original hardshell case
Fingerboard: Ebony
Tuners: Original Grover

Pickups: 2 x Gretsch FilterTron humbuckers
Hardware: Original Gold
Neck Profile: Slender and wide
Pots: Original




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